Transform Challenging Behavior

This is 1 of 21 sessions from the Transform Challenging Behavior 2018 Online Conference.

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What to Do About Tantrums & Aggression

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"I LOVED the session!! And that is saying a lot because I've been on a two year mission to find science-based, brain-based, neurologically-based, relationship-based trainings and support for parents and professionals for children with challenging behaviors."

-Beth T., Retired Early Intervention Team Leader

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This video and the others in the series can help with all of that.

This online learning opportunity is perfect for both your newest teachers and your veteran teachers.

In this free break-out session, What to Do About Aggression and Tantrums with Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ph.D. and Barb Avila, M.S. your teachers will learn innovative, practical, and effective strategies for supporting even the children who challenge you most.

Your teachers will learn...

  • What to do during a tantrum & how to prevent them in the future
  • How you may be inadvertently escalating behavior problems
  • Essential information about kids who have experienced trauma
  • Why co-regulation may be even more important than self-regulation
  • Practical & effective strategies you can use immediately
  • And much more!

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Kristie and Barb are just 2 of 21 carefully curated speakers who inspired and delighted at the Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference 2018.



Owner and Lead Consultant

Synergy Autism Center


Speaker & Author 

PreK Teach & Play


Barb O'Neill, Ed.D.

Hi, I’m Barb. I created Transform Challenging Behavior and this free online learning opportunity because I envision a world where all early childhood professionals are excited to work with children who use challenging behavior and have what they need to do so effectively.


I love working with kids who use challenging behavior…but didn't always! As a teacher I often went home fed up, embarrassed and questioning my career choice.


Then, I studied theater while simultaneously pursuing my Ed.D. in early childhood special education. My world burst open. I saw the power of capitalizing on children’s propensity for play to prevent challenging behavior.


The online courses and conference I’ve created is a way to share with you what I’ve discovered during my 25 years in early childhood and bring you cutting edge ideas from other early childhood experts. 


Let’s transform challenging behavior together.

As featured in...


“Brilliant...very interesting and informative. I'm loving it.”

“I appreciate it so much and it has refilled my tank after having an extremely hard year. I have been in the early childhood field for 26 years now and behavior has really increased over the years. This has been so helpful to me.” 


"You have created such a wonderful way to learn and to think together! Bravo!!"

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting together this together. I learned so much and enjoyed each speaker, including you, Barb! I’ve already started my list of the little 'tweaks' I can make in my classroom.”

“A short WOW...I AM SO HAPPY to have said 'yes'."

Transform Challenging Behavior

This is 1 of 21 sessions from the Transform Challenging Behavior Online Conference.

Free Break-Out Session: What to Do About Tantrums & Aggression

Get immediate access to this free online 1-hour break-out session plus the companion workbook, and your downloadable PD Certificate.

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